Friday, March 25, 2011

wandering mind interrupted

 i was at bible study the other week...we were doing priscilla shirer's ~ discerning the voice of God ~ we just had our small group time and went into our large group - watching the dvd time...we settled in and priscilla started teaching...about 10 min later my mind wandered!!

i was thinking about nothing ~ no-thing ~ and yet i wasn't hearing her. so being the good christian girl that i am...i started to yell at myself in my head ~ hey, you better pay attention young lady...this is important stuff's God's Word...we take this very seriously...get one solid truth from this lesson and walk in it. God wants to talk to you laurie kay!!

BOOM ~ thunder n lightning baby!!

priscilla's next words were something like this - as she looked directly into the camera-  there are some of you out there who are in ministry and you are thinking you should just stop because the numbers are so seems to you that this really isn't what God wants you to be doing...and then she went on teaching...i looked around like - did that really just happen here!!??!!

i was in shock

her point in the study was that when it seems like we are in "desert times" we need to keep doing what we are doing because God is equipping us with dedication. He wants me to be dedicated to Him...His plan...His destiny for me. He will lead me to what i can not see...then she shared with us the scripture below and i felt Him say to me...go back out there again!

 Luke 5:4-6 (nkjv) When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.” And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking.

so what does that have to do with me...or thunder or lightening you may ask??? well, just a few weeks prior i was thinking those exact words about namesake ministries. now, i have always said that i didn't care about the why is it that everyone around me judges success by numbers...people would ask how an event went - i would answer - and then they would say - so how many people showed up?? and no matter the number i gave their response was always - o, maybe it will be better next time.

f r u s t r a t i o n ~ from the people n their words

great "c o m f o r t" in my interruption

i always said - i have a lot to learn and am thankful to be learning what i am now while i am young - that i should not despise humble beginnings - this is a time of growth for me and the ministry

i needed to hear that word spoken in due season from her bcuz it WAS due season indeed!

so, no matter the numbers - i will do what i feel Daddy wants me to do - may i live dedicated to Him!

i am so glad this girl was interrupted
grace & peace ~ laurie kay

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